Become a PPN Facilitator

Typically working in teams of two or three, facilitators are dedicated Piedmont parents  who attend training at the beginning of the school year.  Many have prior facilitation or other experience that they bring to this role.  All are committed to our community and to raising our teens together in a healthy environment.  The training focuses on group process, active listening skills, teen developmental stages, and the nuts and bolts of maintaining a cohesive parent group.  The only requirement for becoming a PPN facilitator is a commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive environment. 


PPN counts more than 400 families as members.  Groups start in 6th grade and typically meet through the end of high school or beyond. Regular attendance is not required and groups evolve over time with the needs of its members. 

Parents with more than one child have the option of belonging to multiple groups as issues differ from one grade to the next. New members are always welcome.

Join the PPN Board

Members of the PPN Board include the co-presidents, treasurer and secretary. The Board work closely with PPN facilitators and the schools in multiple roles including recruitment, training, support and guidance of facilitators, member registration, meeting with school administration, identifying relevant speakers and articles and planning ways to identify and address issues affecting our teens.  The Steering Committee is always open to current facilitators as well as new members. 

PPN Facilitators (Grades 6-12)

See the Piedmont Student Directory for a current list of leaders and facilitators.

Join PPN

Join PPN at any time by visiting the Piedmont Store. The annual membership fee is $50 per family.  PPN registration is also available at our table during walk-through registration (checks made payable to PEF).  New members are contacted by their facilitators by September of the new school year.  Returning members will be automatically placed in their group from the prior year.  Members are welcome to participate in any group for their child's grade and change group as needed. New members are welcome year round.  If you would like to switch groups, missed registration or have any questions contact Caroline Santander or Edith Kincses, co-presidents, at