PPN Members Effect Real Change
Here are some examples of PPN's ongoing efforts to ensure a continued open dialog with administration about issues parents see impacting our teens:

  • In 2001, PPN members surveyed the entire PMS community about the quantity and quality of homework; utilizing the results we worked successfully with the school to improve homework load and content.
  • Beginning in 2005, PPN members initiate, research and fund professional speakers for school assemblies and the community.  One assembly in 2006 on the subject of drinking and driving was termed by many kids "the most powerful assembly ever".
  • In 2006, PPN members worked with PHS administration on innovative ways to address student stress.  This led to professional mental health crisis evaluation and referral as a critical component of the support services provided by the Wellness Center on the PHS campus.
  • In 2010, PPN primarily sponsored the film Race to Nowhere", as a fundraiser for the PUSD Wellness Center.  The film was followed by a facilitated discussion with the filmmaker, PHS administration and counseling, and an Alameda County Mental Health Professional.
  • In 2012,PPN primarily sponsored speaker Dr. Robert Brooks who spoke on Raising Resilient Children and Adolescents.
  • 2013, PPN primarily sponsored speaker James Steyer who spoke on How Techology is shaping the younger community and what to do about it.