Groups: 2022-2023 Facilitators

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Role & Name
Co-President Edit Kincses
Co-President Caroline Santander
Secretary Elizabeth Shook
Board Member Melissa Oldrin 
PHS Rep Nairobi Kim
6th Grade Anne Hawkins
6th Grade Judy Lin
6th Grade Allison Allessio
6th Grade Sasha Bainer 
7th Grade Susy Struble
7th Grade Cassie Cyphers
7th Grade Kidist Yimam 
8th Grade Melissa Oldrin 
8th Grade Jean Takazawa
9th Grade Sara Ironside
9th Grade Jen Ferguson
10th Grade Lisa Fuller
10th Grade Nairobi Kim
10th Grade Stephanie Dang
10th Grade Katie Gudiksen
11th Grade Elizabeth Shook
11th Grade Sarah Puckett
11th Grade Sheila Bhatia
12th Grade Annie Reilly
12th Grade Astrud Moxley
12th Grade Kerri Stoneman